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Welcome to Yoga & Massage in Hornsby!

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New in 2015! I believe Yoga & Massage complement each other to magnify the benefits of each modality. I am now a qualified remedial & relaxation massage therapist, I give remedial massages with a relaxed essence, when the client is relaxed, the remedial effects are much more pronounced (my yogic philosophy coming through) - I've coined my style Relaxomedial massage and I use beautiful scented oils. I also offer a very unique Private Yoga session + Massage combo to work deeply into issues - see pricing page for packages. Intro rates available for your first massage.

I teach Yoga on Sydney's North shore in the Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow styles. I thrive on providing safe and creative yoga instruction to promote congruence and health in the client's body and mind. I love to create a space where my clients get to completely unwind each week for 90 mins but I also ensure they learn ample wellbeing and mobility skills to carry them through the rest of the week.

I believe Yoga is one of the modalities that contains essential life skills that should be taught at school, but it is never too late to learn these skills. When my students practice yoga, they finish feeling refreshed, much like the refreshing blue colour of this site. I'd like to invite you to join me to experience a lithe body and agile mind. Please have a look at the timetable page and contact page for class times and contact details.